Can Rabbits Eat Cooked Potatoes? – Here’s the Answer

Potatoes are the most essential items for cooking, whether cooking at home or restaurant. In our day-to-day life, we eat potatoes with different foods, curries, and snacks. Most of the time we eat boiled, baked, cooked, and fried potatoes.

It’s very common for humans to eat cooked potatoes. But can rabbits eat cooked potatoes? In addition, are cooked potatoes safe for rabbits? If safe, then how much and how often we should give cooked potatoes to our rabbits at a time?

First of all, let us clear that cooked potatoes are totally safe for rabbits, but potatoes shouldn’t be hot and spicy. Even, compared to raw potatoes, cooked potatoes are safe for rabbits, because raw potatoes contain solanine, which is not safe for rabbits.

Although raw potatoes contain solanine, rabbits can eat raw potatoes, and in our previous experiment, we proved it.

Anyway, today in the morning we gave cooked potatoes to our rabbits to see that do our bunnies eat cooked potatoes or not. And as we expected, they ate the whole amount of cooked potatoes.

Here in this article, we will tell you the result of this experiment. Also, here you will get an idea about how many cooked potatoes you should give to your pet rabbits at a time.


Do Rabbits Eat Cooked Potatoes?

Yes, as well as eating raw potatoes and sweet potatoes, rabbits also eat cooked potatoes. Even, cooked potatoes are safer for rabbits compared to raw potatoes.

Cooked Potatoes
Image – Cooked Potatoes

Today we gave 8 grams of cooked potatoes to our rabbits. We didn’t cook potatoes for them particularly. We took these cooked potatoes from the curry that we cooked for our breakfast.

And considering our rabbits, we try to keep the curry less spicy. Anyway, when the curry became cold we took 2 pieces of cooked potatoes and served them in front of our rabbits.

While raw potatoes contain multiple vitamins and minerals, on the other hand, cooked potatoes lost the percentage of vitamins and minerals. But cooked potatoes are much more tasty and safe compared to raw potatoes.


How Much Cooked Potatoes We Gave To Our Rabbits?

Now take a look, at exactly how much cooked potatoes we served to our Cleo and Dot (our rabbit’s name). We served exactly 8 grams of cooked potatoes as a treat, not as a proper meal.

That means on average 4 grams for each. We knew that our rabbits can eat more than that since cooked potatoes are soft, safe, and tasty.

First, we sliced the potatoes and put them in the curry, then cooked them with the curry. Although the potato looks masala-mixed and spicy in the picture, actually it is not so spicy.

Although we maintain a healthy diet for our rabbits, we didn’t give them cooked potatoes as their proper meal.

Just as a treat, we took 8 grams of cooked potatoes, but if you want you can give up to 20 grams of cooked potatoes to your 2 rabbits.

How Much Cooked Potatoes We Gave To Our Rabbits
Image – How Much Cooked Potatoes We Gave To Our Rabbits

One thing to remember cooked potatoes are safe, but eating too much cooked potatoes are not safe for the rabbit’s digestive system.

Not just only cooked potatoes, but even too much raw sweet potatoes and normal raw potatoes are also not safe.

By the way, rabbits can also eat raw sweet potatoes, so if you want you can give a little amount of raw sweet potatoes to your rabbits once or twice a week.

Anyway, when you will serve cooked potatoes, make sure that potato slices are not hot, hot foods are unsafe and harmful to the rabbit’s digestive system.


Can Rabbits Enjoy To Eat Cooked Potatoes?

Yes, according to our experiment, rabbits enjoy eating cooked potatoes. Cooked potatoes are tasty, safe, and healthier for rabbits.

But we noticed one weird thing and that is rabbits took much more time to eat that small amount of cooked potatoes, compared to other food.

We regularly provide different types of foods to our rabbits for experimental purposes. Among them rabbits eat some items, on the other hand sometimes they eat half, or sometimes they just chew and throw their food.

But today, they ate the whole amount of their food, which means they liked their food. Although they took 2:30 minutes to eat only 8 grams of cooked potatoes.

During eating their body movements were normal and comfortable. When we served cooked potatoes they didn’t smell and waste their time, instantly start to eat.

Seems like they were so familiar with cooked potatoes, but this was the first time when our rabbits eat cooked potatoes for the first time.

Although before that our rabbits ate potato peels, raw potato, potato chips, and even red potato.

Except, the first time with cooked potato was the first time also when we served only 1 slice of food. Anyway, they didn’t leave anything on their plate, and after eating they find out more.

But we didn’t give them more cooked potatoes, we just served their regular foods. The view was amazing when our rabbits ate a single slice of cooked potato by sharing it with each other.

If you also want to see how rabbits eat cooked potatoes then watch the video, which will help you to get more importation about that topic.


If you are not interested to watch the video then skip it and take a look at the chart.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo & Dot Cooked Potato (8 Grams) Yes 100% 0%


Can I Feed My Rabbit Cooked Vegetables?

It’s not recommended, because rabbits love to eat fresh hays, vegetables, and grasses. Except for particular species, cooked vegetables are not recommended for rabbits.

Because if you cook vegetables then their fiber content can reduce which makes them less suitable for rabbit’s digestive system. Moreover, most of the time we add oil, spices, and other items for cooking vegetables which are safe for us but not for our rabbits.

So, don’t dare to serve cooked vegetables to your rabbits. Give fresh grasses, vegetables, and hays as much as possible. Sometimes, you can serve a little amount of fresh fruits and flowers for your rabbits.

Hope this article makes it clear to you whether rabbits actually eat cooked potatoes or not. In our next experiment, we will show you can rabbits eat cooked sweet potatoes or not. So until the next article stay connected with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are rabbits allowed cooked potatoes?

A: Yes, rabbits love to eat cooked potatoes, and cooked potatoes are safe for rabbits.

Q: Can rabbits eat boiled potatoes?

A: We didn’t do this experiment, but as soon as possible we will tell you rabbits eat boiled potatoes or not. But we can say that, since rabbits ate cooked potatoes they can also eat boiled potatoes.

Q: Are cooked potatoes safe for rabbits?

A: Yes, cooked potatoes are safe for rabbits, but if it is a small amount. Too many cooked potatoes are harmful to rabbits’ digestive health.


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