Can Rabbits Eat Lime and Lemon Peels? – Complete Information

The outer and colored layer of lime and lemon fruits are called lime and lemon peels. Both peels have a strong bitter taste, but these peels are edible for humans and we often use lemon and lime peels to add flavor and aroma to dishes. But can rabbits eat lime and lemon peels and are…

The outer and colored layer of lime and lemon fruits are called lime and lemon peels. Both peels have a strong bitter taste, but these peels are edible for humans and we often use lemon and lime peels to add flavor and aroma to dishes. But can rabbits eat lime and lemon peels and are lime and lemon peels safe for rabbits?

No, rabbits don’t eat lime and lemon peels and their peels are not safe for rabbits. Lime and lemon peels contain a higher percentage of citric acid which are very harmful to rabbits’ health. Additionally, for rabbits lime and lemon peels are acidic foods.

Today before the morning meal we gave lime peels to our rabbits to taste whether rabbits actually eat lime peels or not. In addition, we noticed some unusual movements and weird behavior of our rabbits when they start to eat lime peels.

And within a few seconds, they stopped to eat lime peels and ate only 2 grams of lime peels. Here in this article, we will describe the full experiment that we have done today. So stay with us till the end to know the result of this wonderful experiment.


Can Rabbits Eat Lemon Skin?

No, rabbits don’t like to eat lemon peels, there are multiple reasons behind that. But here we can describe 2 main reasons why rabbits don’t like to taste or eat lemon peels.

  1. Lemon peels taste bitter, and rabbits don’t prefer to eat bitter foods
  2. Lemon peels contain higher citric acid which is very harmful to rabbit’s digestive system

Except, there may have other reasons, but these are the main reasons. Although lemon peels are also a great source of vitamin C. And it’s not hard to get lemon peels or lime peels, because they come with lemon and limes.

By the way, there is a slight difference between lemon and lime, and the main difference is in their color. While lemons are lighter yellow on the other hand, lime looks lighter and deep green.


So, Can Rabbits Eat Lime Peels?

Lime Peels
Image – Lime Peels

No, although lemon and lime look different because of the peel colors, both are almost the same in taste. And both lime and lemon peels contain the same acid and vitamins.

Even, the taste of lemon and lime peels are bitter and both taste bitter. Moreover, we tasted today to serve lime peels to our rabbits, and the result was disappointing. They just chewed a little amount of lime peels and then throw them.

So, lime or lemon whatever you gave to rabbits, both are unsafe and unhealthier for your rabbits. That’s why it’s recommended for you don’t dare to give lime and lemon skins or peels to your pet rabbits.


How Much Lime Peels We Gave To Our Rabbits?

You, who regularly follow our blogs may notice that we often do experiments by serving different types of foods to our rabbits to see whether they eat or not.

As well as doing experiments we also describe the benefits and effects of those foods.

And as an experimental purpose we served 5 grams of lemon leaves to our rabbits to see that can rabbits eat lemon leaves or not, you can see that previous blog if you want.

How Much Lime Peels We Gave To Our Rabbits
Image – How Much Lime Peels We Gave To Our Rabbits

And today we served 12 grams of lime peels in front of our rabbits. The process that we followed to take out these skins, was first we took a sharp knife and then start to peel off them roundly. But before starting peeling we wash and clean the lime.


Can Rabbits Like To Eat Lime & Lemon Peels?

After our experiment, it’s now clear to us that rabbits don’t like to eat lime and lemon peels. Yes, today’s experiment proved that rabbits are not familiar with and don’t feel good eating lime and lemon peels.

Today for the first time we gave lime peels to our rabbits Cleo and Dot. You may be noticed that our rabbits are so active and healthy also. And balanced diet is one of the main reasons why they are healthy.

We are so conscious about their foods and always try to serve healthy foods. But sometimes we do some food experiments with them but we always maintain their health safety. Also, we stand right there and monitor them when we serve different types of foods to our rabbits.

Although we knew that rabbits don’t eat lime and lemon peels, we served lime peel to our rabbits. And to maintain proper safety we serve only 12 grams, because that amount of peels is not harmful for 2 rabbits.

We thought that our rabbits might eat 5 to 6 grams of them, but surprisingly they ate only 2 grams of them, which was a quite low amount from our expectation. And during eating these 2 grams their movement was weird.

Even though they didn’t eat, they just chewed and throw them. And when we served the lemon peels in front of them, the male one just smelled like he didn’t eat even, and the female one ate almost 2 grams.

The male one named Dot didn’t take a single bite, for the whole time he just looked for other foods. And the female named Cleo took more than 1 minute to chew that 2 grams of peels. And after that, she also stopped to eat lime peels.

Her chewing speed was so slow, she may didn’t like to chew these bitter peels. Anyway, after 2:30 minutes of monitoring, we take out those lime peels from their cage and gave them their regular foods. And they ate their regular food normally.

Here is the live experiment result where you can see everything clearly how they act, behave, and move during eating lime peels.


You can skip the video if you don’t have enough time, and here is the chart where you will find the exact information from the video and test results.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo Lime Peels (12 Grams) Little Bit 15% 85%
Dot Same No 0% 100%


Is Lemon Peels Safe For Rabbits?

Lemon and lime peels are acidic that’s why we don’t recommend you serve lemon and lime peels as a treat and meal.

Not only acidic and bitter, but rabbits can also suffer serious digestive problems because of lemon peels.

So, in a word, we can bolt lemon peels as an unsafe food. But if unfortunately, your rabbits eat a little amount of lemon or lime peels then you don’t need to be worried because a little amount of lemon peels are consumable.

But if you are thinking to serve lemon peels as their meal then don’t do it, not only peels, but even whole trees like branches, fruits, and leaves are also unsafe for rabbits.


Can Rabbits Safely Consume Lemon Peels?

No, rabbits’ digestive systems are very sensitive, that’s why it will be hard for them to consume lemon or lime peels.

Also, since lemon peels contain a high amount of citric acid, rabbits can suffer digestive problems.

As well as being acidic, lemons peel is bitter also. And due to the bitter taste, even rabbits don’t like to bite lemon peels.

So, it’s better for you always try to serve safe fruits and foods to your rabbit and keep toxic, acidic, and unsafe foods and fruits away from them.


The Risks of Feeding Lemon Peels to Rabbits

Rabbit is animals that always love to chew, and they chew every item that they find near them. And because of that habit sometimes they chew dangerous foods and items.

So suppose somehow your rabbits got some lime peels or maybe you give lemon peels to your rabbits because you may don’t know the risk of feeding peels. Then what can happen?

First of all, let it be clear that most of the rabbits don’t eat lemon or lime peels.

Or if they eat, then the harmfulness will depend on the amount that they would eat. But make sure that eating a little number of lemon peels can be very harmful to rabbits.

Especially, lime and lemon peels are acidic and harmful to rabbits’ digestive systems. So it’s lemon peels away from your rabbits and don’t dare to give lemon peels.


Why Lemon Peels Are Not a Recommended Choice?

Lemon peels contain certain vitamins and nutrients, even lemon peels are a great source of vitamin C. So why we are not recommending lemon peels for rabbits when we recommended other fruit peels for rabbits, like mango peels?

Yes, we recommended mango peels for rabbits because rabbits can eat mango peels and mango peels taste good compared to lemon peels.

Here we will tell you 3 important reasons why we don’t recommend lemon peels for rabbits.

  1. Lemons and limes peel taste bitter
  2. Lemon and lime peels are acidic and they highly contain citric acid
  3. Lemon and lime peels are unsafe for rabbits’ digestive health


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it OK for rabbits to eat lime and lemon peels?

A: No, since lemon and lime peels contain higher amounts of citric acid these are not safe for rabbits. Even, rabbits don’t like to eat lime and lemon peels because these peels are harmful to rabbit’s digestive system.

Q: Do rabbits like lemon smell?

A: Usually, rabbits don’t like to smell lemon and lime. But some individual rabbits may like to smell lemons and limes.

Q: Are rabbits like to eat lemon peels?

A: Some rabbits even don’t touch or bite lemon peels, or if someone takes a bite then he didn’t take the next bite. Because lemon peels are not safe for rabbits, and lemon peels taste bitter.

Q: Is eating lemon peel bad?

A: Depends on who will eat, suppose eating a little amount of lemon peels is safe for humans and some animals. On the other hand, lemon peels are acidic and unsafe for some animals like rabbits.

Hope you got your answer, and now you can easily decide whether you will serve lemon peels to your rabbits as their meals or not. If you have other similar or food-related questions then ask below in the comment.

You can also ask any type of question by sending us a mail to get immediate answers. Also, stay connected with us by subscribing to our blogs, and follow us on our social media.


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