Can Rabbits Eat Pineapple Skin? – We Tested It

Pineapple skin or pineapple peel, whatever you call it, is a covering of pineapple flesh. Although humans do not eat pineapple peels or skins, there are animals such as cows, goats, or similar animals that like to eat them. However, can rabbits eat pineapple peel? The answer is “NO”; rabbits don’t eat pineapple skins, but rabbits…

Pineapple skin or pineapple peel, whatever you call it, is a covering of pineapple flesh. Although humans do not eat pineapple peels or skins, there are animals such as cows, goats, or similar animals that like to eat them. However, can rabbits eat pineapple peel?

The answer is “NO”; rabbits don’t eat pineapple skins, but rabbits eat pineapple core, leaves, and flesh. Pineapple skin is tough and fibrous, and this is the main reason why rabbits don’t eat pineapple skin. And tough and fibrous foods make it difficult for rabbits to digest properly.

Today we provided pineapple skins as their morning meal to our pet rabbits Cleo and Dot to see whether they eat pineapple skins or not.

After serving, we saw instant both of them start to eat those pineapple skins. But within 2 minutes, they stopped and threw peels from their mouth.


Can Bunnies Eat Pineapple Skin?

Pineapple Skin
Image – Pineapple Skin

“No” rabbits don’t like to eat pineapple skins. Although not all rabbits are the same, some can eat pineapple skins. But pineapple skins are not healthy and safe for rabbits.

There are two main reasons why pineapple skins are unsafe for rabbits.

  1. Pineapple skins can contain pesticides or other chemicals
  2. Pineapple skins are tough and fibrous, which makes it difficult for rabbits to digest

So if you are thinking of serving pineapple skins or peels to your rabbit, then stop, don’t make this mistake. Because all of us love our pets, and pets are like our family members.

Some pets are more loyal than some friends. That’s why our recommendation is don’t dare to feed pineapple skins to your pet.

However, it’s easy to get pineapple skins because when we buy pineapples, skins come with them. And skins are as colorful as pineapple flesh but not delicious, juicy, and safe for eating.


Let’s See How Much Pineapple Skins We Serve To Our Rabbits

We provided 18 grams of pineapple peels
Image – We provided 18 grams of pineapple peels

We provided 18 grams of pineapple peels to our rabbits. Why exactly 18 grams?

Because two adult rabbits can eat almost 50 grams of food at a time during breakfast. And from them, 20% could be fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

That’s why we decided we would provide almost 20 grams for both. So, first, we took a small but juicy and sweet pineapple. Then carefully peel the pineapple with a knife.

After peeling, we took only two slices and gave them to our rabbits. And their reaction was as usual, but there was a surprising fact also. Let’s talk about the surprising fact.


Can Your Rabbits Eat Pineapple Skins or Peels If You Serve?

We will answer this question according to our experiment. And below, we also pinned the video, where you can see exactly how many pineapple skins our rabbits ate.

So, first of all, we gave 18 grams (as we mentioned before) of pineapple skins to our rabbits. And when we served skins as their morning meal, we noticed that one of our rabbits, name Cleo started to eat within a few seconds.

But at the same time, the other one, named Dot, smelled and was in confusion about whether he would try or not.

After 10-15 seconds of smelling, he might be thinking let’s try and check the food.

Everything was going well, till 1 minute. We saw they were chewing, eating, and enjoying food like the previous day when we served pineapple leaves to our rabbits.

Yes, you heard the right thing, rabbits eat pineapple leaves.

During that time, both of them ate 3 grams of pineapple skins, but after that, they stopped eating.

They chewed and threw pineapple skins. They might feel bad taste, or they thought that those were unsafe for them.

How Much Pineapple Skin Did They Eat
Image – How much pineapple skin did they eat

But here is why they eat 3 grams if the foods are unsafe or contain bad taste. The reason is hunger.

Yes, during the morning they were so hungry, that’s why when we served food they started eating without any thinking.

But within a minute, they got the taste, and they stopped eating.

And instantly, we changed the food and provided their regular foods (hays, grasses, and pellets) according to our food chart.

In addition, here is a rabbit food chart that ensures a balanced diet for the rabbits.

For exact and clear information must watch the video.


Although the video is short, it would take 2 minutes to watch. But if you are in a hurry, then skip the video and look at the result of the video.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo & Dot Pineapple Skins (18 Grams) No 16.67% 83.33%


The chart clearly proved that rabbits don’t have an interest in eating pineapple skins, as rabbits love to eat pineapple flesh.

They ate only 16.67% pineapple skins because of their hunger.

So if you think that you will provide pineapple skins to your pet rabbits, then stop thinking and let that matter go.

Are rabbit like to eat onion skins? You can check this article.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is pineapple peel good for rabbits?

A: No, pineapple peels are not safe food for rabbits. Not only unsafe but also can be dangerous for rabbits.

Because pineapple skins contain pesticides or other chemicals. And at the same time, pineapple skins make rabbit’s digestive system difficult.

Q: How did they feel when eating pineapple peel?

A: Eating pineapple peels is not as good and juicy as pineapples. When it comes to their feelings, they might find it challenging to chew and digest. But if they are too hungry, they can eat to smash their hunger.

Q: Is pineapple skin juicy?

A: No, pineapple skins are not juicy. Skins are tough and fibrous, which makes those challenging to eat. Moreover, sometimes pineapple skins can contain chemicals.

Q: Are pineapple skins toxic?

A: No, pineapple skins are not toxic. Even some animals, like cows and goats, love to eat pineapple skins. But for rabbits, it can be unsafe and unhealthy.

Hope it’s clear to you whether pineapple skins are safe or unsafe for rabbits. For any other questions, subscribe to our blogs, and stay connected with us.


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