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Potato chips are the most popular snack, and most of us love to eat potato chips regularly. Although almost all potato chips contain high amounts of salt (sometimes spice also), unhealthy fats, and artificial flavorings. But while eating potato chips, if we see our rabbits running in front of us, or coming to us and…

Potato chips are the most popular snack, and most of us love to eat potato chips regularly. Although almost all potato chips contain high amounts of salt (sometimes spice also), unhealthy fats, and artificial flavorings.

But while eating potato chips, if we see our rabbits running in front of us, or coming to us and smelling and acting like they want to taste potato chips, then what could we do? Because most of us don’t know whether can rabbits eat potato chips or not.

Surprisingly, rabbits also eat potato chips, and we saw that they enjoyed their meal when we served potato chips to our rabbits Cleo and Dot as a treat.

Yes, today, we gave potato chips to our rabbits Cleo and Dot to see if that rabbits actually eat potato chips or not. Additionally, we were surprised when we saw their reaction because they ate the whole amount of potato chips that we served to them.


Do Rabbits Eat Potato Chips?

Potato Chips
Image – Potato Chips

Yes, rabbits eat a small amount of potato chips as a treat, but not as a proper meal.

Also, you shouldn’t give potato chips to rabbits as a proper meal. Because too many potato chips are not safe for rabbits.

Since potato chips are unhygienic and unhealthier for humans, they can be more harmful to those types of animals that have sensitive digestive systems, especially rabbits.


Almost all potato chips contain high amounts of salt, unhealthy fats, and artificial flavorings, which are not good for both human and animal health. But as we love to taste different foods rabbits also love to taste different foods.

But of course, you have to give a little amount of potato chips, not as much as raw red potatoes. Yes, compared to potato chips rabbits can eat raw red potatoes more, and these are safe also.

It’s not so hard to get potato chips, because there are hundreds of different potato chip brands available in the market, from where you can easily pick a good one for your rabbits. But try to make sure that the chips are less salty and spicy.


How Much Potato Chips We Gave To Our Rabbits?

Although we served 4 grams (6 to 7 slices) of potato chips to our rabbits Cleo and Dot. But if it is French fried or fried potato then the amount could be slightly less or more.

How Much Potato Chips We Gave To Our Rabbits
Image – How Much Potato Chips We Gave To Our Rabbits

By the way, can rabbits eat French fried or fried potatoes? Stay tuned to get this experiment result.

We were not sure can bunnies eat potato chips or not, also we knew that potato chips are not healthy. That’s why we took a little amount which was 4 grams (2 grams for each).

But you can take up to 10 grams for your 2 rabbits, more than 10 grams for 2 rabbits can be risky and unsafe for your rabbit’s health.

Before serving take a few potato chips from a good chips brand, and make sure that these chips are not expired. Then give them in front of your rabbits, if they don’t eat then take them back, don’t force them to eat those chips.


Let’s Describe, Can Rabbits Have Potato Chips

According to our experiment rabbits loves to eat potato chips, but considering their health you should provide a limited amount of chips to them.

To give potato chips we selected “potato crackers” which is one of the popular potato chips in our region. These chips are so popular because of their taste and quality. And it’s been 20 years that they are selling these chips.

Anyway, as we mentioned before, we didn’t take the whole chips, we just took only 4 grams of potato chips.

Because potato chips contain salt and other unhygienic ingredients, rabbits can suffer health problems if they eat lots of potato chips at a time.

Considering their health issue we took that amount, but you can take up to 10 grams. You shouldn’t give chips and fried potatoes much more to your rabbits.

But if you serve boiled potato to rabbits then the amount could be twice, which means up to 20 grams for 2 rabbits, since boiled potatoes are safe.

By the way, cooked potatoes are safe for rabbits, but can rabbits actually eat cooked potatoes? We will try it in our next experiment.

After taking out chips from the packets, we measure them and took 4 grams of chips. Then we gave these chips in front of your rabbits. Although rabbits eat juicy food faster than other food.

These chips were not juicy, but surprisingly they ate the whole amount of chips within 2:40 minutes.

Yes, our rabbits didn’t waste their time by smelling, they start eating even though it was their first time with chips.

During their eating, our eyes are on chips and rabbits, and we monitor every single movement of their eating. And they ate the chips very comfortably and their movements were normal.

Like the other days, today they also shared their food. By the way, we recorded the moment when our rabbits ate chips.

Here is the video, you can watch it to get the exact view.


Okay, if you are not interested in watching a video, then skin the video, here is the summary of the video. This summary will help you to get all information.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo & Dot Potato Chips (4 Grams) Yes 100% 0%



Can Rabbits Eat Chips?

Yes, rabbits can eat chips if the chips are not too spicy or salty. In addition, today our experiment proved that besides humans rabbits also love to eat snacks like chips.

So during eating you can give 2 or 3 pieces of chips to your rabbits as a treat. Eating that amount of chips won’t be harmful to your pet rabbits.

Although chips are not healthy and hygienic for both humans and animals. But we eat them regularly because day by day we are becoming careless.

But your pets are like your babies, treat them well, and don’t give too many chips at a time. If you want you can often serve a small amount of chips to your rabbits.


Are Chips Bad For Rabbits?

Yes, eating too many chips and crackers can be harmful to rabbits. Chips and crackers can affect the digestive system of rabbits, also chips are not juicy which can cause a problem during eating.

Moreover, most of the chips are salty and spicy, which are not only unhygienic but also dangerous for rabbits. But eating 3 to 4 pieces of chips can’t be too dangerous for your rabbits.

So if you are thinking to serve potato crackers or chips to your pet rabbits then make sure that you are serving a limited amount. Moreover, try to serve less salty and less spicy chips to your rabbits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you feed rabbits potato chips?

A: You can feed a small number of potato chips (3 to 4 average size pieces) to your rabbits as a treat, not as a proper meal.

Q: Can my bunny eat a potato chip?

A: Yes, 1, 2, even 3 pieces of potato chips go well with rabbit’s health at a time. But if you thinking to feed a whole packet of potato chips then stop now, it can be very harmful to your rabbits.

Q: Are potato chips salty?

A: It depends on the brand, product, and flavor. But most of the potato chips that are available in the market are salty, some are spicy also. On the other hand, nowadays we can see some sweet and cheesy potato chips on the market.

Q: What happens if my rabbit eats potato chips?

A: Depends on the amount they eat, if your rabbits eat 2 to 3 pieces of potato chips then it’s okay. On the other hand, if your rabbits eat lots of potato chips at a time then it causes harmfulness even death.

Hope you got your answer, and now you can decide on whether you will feed or not potato chips to your rabbits. We are continuously doing experiments on our rabbits with different foods, but we are maintaining safety also.

If you want to be a part of these experiments, then tell us the food name that you want, and we will serve that food to see our rabbit’s reaction. Stay connected with us to get any updates from us. If you enjoy this experiment then of course share it with your friends.


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