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The outer layers of potatoes which we removed before cooking and consuming are called potato peels or potato skins. Basically, potato peels are thin and easy to remove. While new potato skins are yellowish, on the other hand, old potato skins are brownish.

So, the question is can rabbits eat potato peels? The answer is no, rabbits don’t eat potato peels or skins, but if they are so hungry then they can eat a little bit to satisfy their hunger.

Today, in the morning we gave potato skins to our pet rabbits Cleo and Dot, during their breakfast. In addition, they ate half of the peels which was only 6 grams, and they ate these 6 grams of peels because they were too hungry.

Otherwise, if there were other foods, they may touch potato peels. In our previous experiment, we served raw potatoes to our rabbits to see can rabbits eat raw potatoes or not.

Although in that time our rabbits ate all the raw potatoes, today they only ate half of the potato skins because of hunger. Anyway, let’s talk in detail about this experiment.


Do Rabbits Eat Potatoes Peels?

No rabbits don’t like to eat potato skins, but if they are hungry then they could take one or two bites.

Also, potato skins are not safe food for rabbits, because potato skins contain higher levels of oxalates.

And higher levels of oxalates can interfere with calcium absorption and may contribute to bladder and kidney stones in rabbits. Besides having harmful ingredients, potato peels also contain nutrients like fiber and vitamins.

Considering the potato species potato peels can be available in multiple colors, like reddish, brownish, and yellowish. And almost all peels contain the same intergrading.

Although it’s not hard to get potato skins because, in our day-to-day life, we use potatoes to consume various kinds of foods.

So you can easily collect potato skins or peels, but it won’t be beneficial for you, because rabbits don’t like to eat potato skins.


How Much Potato Peels We Gave To Our Rabbits?

Well, today we took 12 grams of potato peels for rabbits to see if they actually eat or not. We knew that rabbits don’t like to eat most of the fruits and vegetables peels.

How Much Potato Peels We Gave To Our Rabbits
Image – How Much Potato Peels We Gave To Our Rabbits

But if it comes to mango peels then the result will be different because rabbits love to eat mango peels. And if you serve a certain amount (means follow a balanced diet) of mango peel in front of your rabbits they won’t leave any single peace.

Anyway, rabbits didn’t eat the whole potato skins, they ate only 6 grams. And 6 grams amount for both of them, which means on average each rabbit ate 3 grams of potato peel.

First, we took a fresh potato and wash it to remove dust and clean it. Using a sharp knife we peel off the potato.

Although potato skins are too thin, we add some flesh also on the skins, which makes the peels thicker.

And, the reason we took only 12 grams of potato peel is we maintain a healthy diet for our bunnies.

So, overall our preparation was too good and well-organized for the experiment, but the result was disappointing.


Can Rabbits Like To Eat Potatoes Peels or Skins?

No, rabbits don’t like potato skins or peels, if you serve potato peels in front of them they can chew for a while or can eat a little bit. But if there is any good food besides peels then they never eat peels.

Potatoes skin’s taste is not good, even potato skins can contain higher levels of oxalates. Even skins are not safe for rabbits.

Anyway, we knew it, but for an experimental purpose, we served potato skin to our rabbits to see whether rabbits actually eat potato peels or not.

We gave them 2 slices of potato peels which were 12 grams. And when we served peels in front of them we noticed that one of our rabbits named Cleo start to eat, but she chewed slowly.

On the other hand, our Dot just smelled and even didn’t touch for a single time. Maybe, he feels that the food is not safe for them. But it was the first time we served potato peels to our rabbits.

Anyway, after eating one slice Clew also stopped eating and at the last moment, we noticed that Dot was a little bit angry and try to remove the place and food in front of them.

While other times, we can see that they are sharing their food with each other, but today we didn’t notice anything like that. Anyway, after finishing our experiment we served their regular foods and they ate the whole food.

Want to see the experiment to get proper knowledge about that? Then watch the video that we took during the experiment, this video will clear everything for you.


Hope now it’s clear to you that can rabbits eat potato peelings or not. If you don’t have enough time then take a look at the chart, where we highlight all the basic information of the video.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo Potatoes Peels (12 Grams) Yes 50% 50%
Dot Potatoes Peels (12 Grams) No 0% 100%



Are Potatoes Safe For Rabbits To Eat?

Raw potatoes are safe for rabbits if you give a little amount of potatoes as a treat once or twice a week. Otherwise, if you are thinking to give raw potato regularly or a large amount to your rabbits for eating then stop now.

Because, raw potatoes contain toxic ingredients on them, which are not safe for rabbits, especially for bunnies whose ages are less than 14 weeks. Not only toxic but raw potatoes are also harmful to rabbits’ digestive systems.

But if you really want to serve potatoes to your rabbits, then first wash them and pee off those potatoes. And then slices those potatoes and boiled or baked them. Then you can serve potatoes to your rabbits, but of course not too much, just a certain amount.

And for each, the amount should be less than 10 grams at one time. By the way, compared to potatoes, their leaves and peels are more harmful to rabbis, even wild rabbits also don’t eat potatoes.

So it will be better if you don’t give any potatoes to your rabbits. Hope, it’s clear to you whether rabbits eat potato peels or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are potato peels?

A: Potato peels are the outer layer of the potato, which can be reddish, brownish, and yellowish in color. Also, potato peels are so thin and we remove them before cooking and consuming them.

Q: Can wild rabbits eat potato peels?

A: No, not peels, wild rabbits don’t eat potato leaves even potato flesh also. Because potatoes, potato peels, and potato leaves are not safe for rabbits.

Q: Can you give potato peeling to rabbits?

A: Although today we gave potato peels to our rabbits for the first time as an experimental purpose. But we knew that potato peels are not safe for rabbits, so you shouldn’t serve any potato peels to your rabbits.


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