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Potatoes that have red skins are called red potatoes, and red potatoes taste are as same as other potatoes. Additionally, red potatoes can be a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and some B vitamins.

On the other hand, red potatoes contain higher carbohydrates, while rabbits can handle some carbohydrates. So, can rabbits eat red potatoes? The answer is “yes”, rabbits can eat a limited amount of both raw and boiled red potatoes, not too much.

Yesterday morning, we served raw red potatoes to our rabbits Cleo and Dot to see whether they actually eat or not. And, the result was they ate the whole amount of red potatoes that we served to them.

So, like other days, today we are here to tell you the result of our experiment. Also, we will tell you how often and how much red potatoes you should give to your rabbits. So, further any delay, let’s start.


Do Rabbits Eat Red Potatoes?

Yes, rabbits love to eat red potatoes, and a limited amount of raw red potatoes are safe for rabbits. Although red potatoes are as same as normal potatoes, the difference is in their skin colors.

Red Potatoes
Image – Red Potatoes

While, other potatoes are looks yellowish or brownish, on the other hand, red potatoes look reddish. Except for colors, red potatoes contain the same ingredients including dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

Without these essential ingredients, you will also get a higher amount of solanine on raw potatoes.

And the higher amount of solanine can be harmful to those animals that have sensitive digestive systems, like rabbits.

But to avoid all the harmfulness you can serve boiled and mashed potatoes to your rabbits. Or if you want to provide raw potatoes then, first peel and give a certain amount of red potatoes.


How Much Red Potatoes We Gave To Our Rabbits?

Well, we gave 10 grams of red raw potatoes to our rabbits. Although we knew that they can eat more because, in our previous experiment, we served 14 grams of normal raw potatoes to see whether can rabbits eat raw potatoes or not.

And in that time they ate a whole amount of raw potatoes. That’s why we were almost sure that like normal potatoes rabbits can also eat red potatoes.

But why we took only 10 grams of red potatoes for our rabbits Cleo and Dot?

Because as we mentioned before, too many red potatoes at a time are not good for the rabbit’s health and digestive system.

How Much Red Potatoes We Gave To Our Rabbits
Image – How Much Red Potatoes We Gave To Our Rabbits

Although we took 10 grams for our 2 rabbits, you can take up to 20 grams for your 2 rabbits.

That means 10 grams per rabbit at a time. But over 10 grams of red potatoes at a time can be harmful to rabbit’s health.

Before serving, you should wash and clean the outside of the potatoes goodly. Then remove the peels using a sharp knife and then slice the potato.

We forgot to remove the peels, but you must remove potato peels because peels are toxic and unsafe for rabbits.

By the way, as we are talking about potato peels, you may be thinking that can rabbits eat potato peels or skin. We did this experiment, so check this out after finishing the present article.

After slicing, take 2, 3, or more slices (depending on the rabbits) and served to your rabbits. But make sure that you are maintaining a balanced diet for your rabbits.


Can Our Rabbits Love To Eat Red Potatoes?

Yes, rabbits love to eat red potatoes, even yesterday we gave red potatoes to our rabbits for a very fast time. Although it was the first time they ate the whole red potatoes.

And now we are thinking that we will serve a limited amount of red potatoes often to our rabbits. Because red potatoes contain multiple vitamins and minerals, which are good for rabbits’ health.

So, if you are also thinking to serve red potatoes to your rabbits, then you can give them a limited amount. But red potatoes can’t be a proper meal for rabbits, you can give them as a treat.

In addition, we also served red potatoes to our rabbits as a treat, and when they finished we served rabbits regular foods. When we gave red potatoes to Cleo and Dot we noticed that they start eating instantly.

They didn’t waste their time by smelling, they start to eat red potatoes, and the scene looks like our rabbits are familiar with red potatoes. The romantic part of the experiment was first 10 seconds after served when they ate a single piece by sharing.

Yes, our Cleo and Dot love to eat their food by sharing, and like the first slice they also shared their second slice. And within 1:30 minutes they ate the whole potatoes that we served to them.

Sometimes, eating time also says how much your rabbits love to eat that particular item. How much they loved to eat depends on how fast they will eat. But this criterion doesn’t work all time, because sometimes your rabbits can also eat faster because of hunger.

Anyway, their eating speed was so fast, and during eating red potatoes their body movements were usual. And the view of red potatoes and rabbits was amazing, while they ate.

Well, to share this amazing view and finest experiment with you we captured the whole time on our camera. And here is the video where you can see how much our rabbits loved their red potato meal.


If you don’t have enough time to watch the video or if you are not interested then you can skin the video.

Here is the summary of the video, so take a look at that chart to make everything clear to you.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo & Dot Red Potatoes (10 Grams) Yes 100% 0%


The chart clearly says that how rabbits love to eat red potatoes as a treat. So if you want you can often serve red potatoes to your rabbits, but before serving follow the full process that we told her.

Our next article will be about can rabbits eat sweet potatoes, so stay tuned with us to see regular updates from us. Make sure that you subscribed to our blogs to get any updates from us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are potatoes safe for rabbits?

A: Yes, little amount of potatoes is safe for rabbits, even raw potatoes are safe for rabbits. But too much raw potatoes can be harmful to rabbits’ digestive systems.

Q: Can rabbits eat raw red potatoes?

A: Yes, rabbits love to eat raw red potatoes, and our experiment proved it. So, you can give raw red potatoes (less than 10 grams at a time) to your rabbits often (once or twice) a week.

Q: Can rabbits eat onions and potatoes?

A: Rabbits can eat potatoes and small amounts of potatoes are safe for rabbits. On the other hand, onions are not safe for rabbits, so it’s better for you don’t give onions to your rabbits.

Q: Do rabbits eat potatoes in the garden?

A: Since rabbits are intelligent and eat raw potatoes, they can eat potatoes in the garden.


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