Can Rabbits Eat Frozen Mango? – Yes, But Be Careful!

Mango is a safe and juicy fruit for rabbits. Not only juicy, mangoes contain various vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and vitamin A. But, here we are talking about frozen mangoes. Are frozen mangoes safe for our rabbits? The answer is “YES”, frozen mangoes are as safe as normal mangoes, and rabbits eat frozen…

Mango is a safe and juicy fruit for rabbits. Not only juicy, mangoes contain various vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and vitamin A. But, here we are talking about frozen mangoes. Are frozen mangoes safe for our rabbits?

The answer is “YES”, frozen mangoes are as safe as normal mangoes, and rabbits eat frozen mangoes. Today, we gave frozen mangoes as a treat to our rabbits Cleo and Dot, and they ate the whole mangoes.

Here, we will tell you how was their reaction when we served frozen mangoes to our rabbits. Additionally, we will tell you how often and how much-frozen mangoes you should serve to your rabbits.

Are there any side effects if rabbits eat frozen mangoes? We will also describe it, so without wasting time let’s jump to the experiment.


Do Rabbits Loves Frozen Mangoes?

“Yes” it doesn’t matter for rabbits the mangoes are frozen and not, they love to eat mangoes. Not only mangoes but rabbits can eat mango peels also. But of course, both mangoes and peels should be fresh and chemical-free.

Mango is a juicy and sweet fruit, even mango contains multiple vitamins, which can be beneficial for your rabbits.

But never give too much mangoes to your rabbits, because rabbits contain high sugar also, so eating too much mangoes are not safe for rabbits.

Moreover, you should give mangoes to your rabbits once or twice a week, don’t give them mangoes everyday. Try to give different types of fruits, flowers, and green leaves to your rabbits.

Even you can serve pineapple leaves to your rabbits as green leaves. And rabbits eat pineapple leaves. It’s not too hard to get fresh and juicy mangoes for your rabbits. You can get mangoes from any shopping mall.

And you can preserve your mangoes in your fridge to keep them fresh and good for a long time. In addition, when you want you can give mangoes to your rabbits even if they are frozen.


How Much Frozen Mangoes We Gave To Our Rabbits?

How Much Frozen Mangoes We Gave To Our Rabbits
Image – How Much Frozen Mangoes We Gave To Our Rabbits

We gave 14 grams of frozen mangoes to our Cleo and Dot (2 rabbits) as a treat during their breakfast.

If you want to serve mangoes to your rabbit then give less than 20 grams, and it’s the standard amount if you want to maintain a healthy diet for your rabbits.

So, we took 14 grams for both of our rabbits to maintain a healthy diet. First of all, we take out a mango from the fridge and wash it.

You should wash and clean your mangoes after taking them out of the fridge. Then peel off and slice the mango and give the right amount of mango to your rabbits.

You can do this process in another way because removing peels from a frozen mango is not so easy.

So you can remove the peels first before keeping them in the fridge to make the process easier. And after taking out wash, slice, and serve to your rabbits.


Can Rabbits Love To Eat Frozen Mangoes?

Yes, and to ensure that today we have experimented with our rabbits. And we saw that rabbits love frozen mangoes as rabbits love to eat normal mangoes and dried mangoes.

Even their eating process was speedy like they are in a food race. Today was the first time when we served mangoes to our rabbits, before that we never gave mangoes.

And our expectation was, rabbits will smell the mango first because we noticed most of the time when we served new foods to then they smelled and took 15 to 20 seconds to start eating.

But when we served frozen mangoes to them, they didn’t take 2 seconds to smell. Maybe, they thought that it wouldn’t be better for them to waste time by smelling. Instantly they start to eat.

Both Cleo and Dot enjoyed their meal and ate the whole (14 grams) mangoes within 2 minutes. They left nothing, and after eating they were finding for more frozen mangoes. But we didn’t give them to ensure a balanced diet.

Here is the video of the live experiment where you can see how fast and comfortably our rabbits ate frozen mangoes.

If you have 3 minutes then you can watch it, it will help you to gather some valuable information about rabbit foods.


If you watched the video but don’t notice everything then check out this chart. Even you can skin the video and only follow the chart to get full information from the whole experiment.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo & Dot Frozen Mango (14 Grams) Yes 100% 0%


How Often and How Much Frozen Mangoes You Should Give To Your Rabbits?

According to me, you should give frozen mangoes once or twice a week to your rabbits.

You will give them as a treat not as a proper meal, because eating too much fruit are not so good for the rabbit’s health.

We are not talking about mangoes, we are talking about all types of fruits. And of course, you are giving the right amount of frozen mangoes, if there are 2 rabbits then give less than 20 grams at a time, and if 1 rabbit then give less than 10 grams.

By the way, if you want to know if can bunnies eat frozen mango, then the answer will be yes if your bunnies are adults. Otherwise, don’t give them any fruits.

So, give a certain amount of frozen mangoes (less than 10 grams for each) to your rabbits. Or if it is possible to give mangoes which contain normal temperature then give them to your rabbits.


Are There Any Side Effects Of Eating Frozen Mangoes For Rabbits?

Frozen Mangoes
Image – Frozen Mangoes

No there is no side effect of eating frozen mangoes for rabbits, and frozen mango is safe for rabbits. But if possible then serve normal-temperature foods to your rabbits.

Because the digestive system of the rabbit is sensitive compared to humans and other animals. So while they will eat frozen mango they may feel discomfort.

Without this, there are not any major side effects of eating frozen mangoes for rabbits. So if you want you can serve frozen mangoes to your pet rabbits.


Can Rabbits Eat Frozen Fruit?

Saying the answer to this question in one word is not so easy, because there are thousands of fruits available in the world. And among them, rabbits love to eat lots of them.

All the fruits that rabbits eat normally are not eatable for rabbits when they are frozen. Especially you have to cut those frozen fruits into slices that are big. But rabbits can eat almost all frozen fruits which are safe for them.

You can give frozen berries, melons, or small pieces of frozen bananas or mangoes to your rabbits. But eating frozen fruits is not a big deal for rabbits, they can eat frozen fruits comfortably.

So whenever you want, you can keep your rabbit’s fruits safe and fresh for a long time by keeping them in a fridge. And whenever you want you can serve frozen fruits to your rabbits.

Remember, bigger frozen fruits should be sliced before giving them, and don’t give too many fruits. That’s all our today’s experiment, if you want to know other food facts about rabbits then stay connected with us.

You can subscribe to our blogs to get every update about rabbit food, rearing, caring, and naming. And if you have any questions then you can ask us in the comment box or by sending mail.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is frozen mango OK?

A: Yes, you can preserve mango for a long time by keeping it in a fridge. And then you can eat frozen mangoes. Even if you want you can give them to your pet rabbits.

Q: Is mango safe for rabbits?

A: Yes, mango is a safe and delicious food for rabbits. Even the vitamins that mango contains are beneficial for rabbit health. But as mango contains high sugar, eating too much mango is not good for rabbit’s health.

Q: Is frozen mango harmful for a rabbit to eat?

A: No, frozen mango is 100% safe for rabbits, but mango should be chemical-free. Also, make sure that you are giving mangoes to your rabbits by slicing them. Since mango contains high sugar, that’s why eating too much-frozen mango can be harmful to rabbits.


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