Can Rabbits Eat Garlic? – with Original Video and Image

Garlic, allium ursinum, or ramsons (wild names) whatever you say, we use them on foods to increase the food taste. Also, we use garlic for health benefits, as traditional medicine, adding flavor to foods, and preserving foods. For humans, eating a limited amount of garlic with foods is safe. But for rabbits, eating garlic or…

Garlic, allium ursinum, or ramsons (wild names) whatever you say, we use them on foods to increase the food taste. Also, we use garlic for health benefits, as traditional medicine, adding flavor to foods, and preserving foods.

For humans, eating a limited amount of garlic with foods is safe. But for rabbits, eating garlic or wild allium ursinum is safe or not? And can rabbits really love to eat garlic?

No, garlic are not safe for rabbits and rabbits don’t like to eat them, so you should avoid garlic from rabbit’s food chart. Because garlic considers toxic to rabbits as they contain harmful compounds called thiosulphates.

That’s why not just for rabbits, but also for other pets like cats and dogs, garlic can be so harmful. Additionally, below we will describe the harmfulness of garlic and what kinds of health problems garlic can do for pets.

But today, during the morning we gave garlic to our rabbits to see whether they actually eat or not. We were sure that garlic is harmful for rabbits, but we want to see that can our rabbits eat garlic.

Moreover, here we will tell you the full details of our today’s experiment. So keep reading and let’s see what happened with our rabbits when we gave garlic to them.


Do Rabbits Eat Garlic?

Garlic considers an unsafe and unhealthier food for rabbits because there are lots of harmfulness of garlic, especially for those animals who have sensitive digestive systems like rabbits.

Although for humans, eating a certain amount of garlic is safe, even humans can eat a little amount of garlic without any food. But for rabbits and other pets, it’s very unsafe.

Here are some health problems that can cause by grail for some individual animals.

  1. Garlic is considered a toxic food, especially for rabbits
  2. Garlic contains a compound named thiosulphates, which can cause damage to red blood cells
  3. This compound leads to a condition called hemolytic anemia
  4. Garlic toxicity can cause weakness, lethargy, pale gums, vomiting, and diarrhea
  5. Garlic can affect a rabbit’s digestive system
  6. Even garlic can lead to organ failure or death

Without these, there may also have some harmfulness of eating garlic for rabbits. But we again repeat that garlic considers safe food for humans. Here you can check Nutritional value per 100g Garlic, Raw.

It’s easy to get garlic, but wild garlic named (allium ursinum, or ramsons) is not available everywhere.

But both are unsafe for rabbits, so don’t keep them on your rabbit’s food list. The colors of garlic are white and off-white, and their size can vary according to the species.


How Much Garlic We Gave To Our Rabbits?

We gave 5 grams of garlic to our rabbits to see how much they like to eat garlic, but they didn’t eat anything. First of all, we took a garlic and wash it.

How Much Garlic We Gave To Our Rabbits
Image – How Much Garlic We Gave To Our Rabbits

Then we remove the outer layer which is called the skins, and then separate all the cloves, considering the size of garlic can be 6 to 20 cloves. But we took a small-sized garlic and separate each clove.

After separating cloves we took only 2 pieces and then measure them. The amount was 5 grams, we knew that garlic is not safe for rabbits, that’s why gave this little amount to them.

And we were standing there to monitor their movement and avoid any unexpected situation that happen during eating.


Can Rabbits Love To Eat Garlic?

According to our observation and experiment it’s now clear that rabbits don’t eat garlic, even if they didn’t take a bite of garlic. They may know that garlic is not safe for them, and their strong smelling sense may help them to observe it.

Today before the morning meal we served 5 grams of garlic to our rabbits Cleo and Dot as an experimental purpose to see their reaction. We want to see that can rabbits eat garlic if we serve them as their meal.

Before serving garlic to rabbits we wash and clean them properly and then took only 2 slices of cloves. When we served 2 slices of garlic cloves we noticed some weird things, let’s explain.

We saw first they smelled and try to understand the food and how will be tasted. You may know that rabbits smelling power is so strong before eating foods they first smell. They smelled and tried to take a bite to take the proper taste.

We noticed our Dot (the male one) stopped biting and he didn’t touch again for a single time after biting twice. But our Cleo (the female one) try to understand the taste of garlic, she bites multiple time.

And then she also stopped, but no one ate a single bite of garlic, which means maybe they also felt that garlic is not safe for them. When we served the garlic in front of them we noticed some unusual movements of them.

They were moving around the cage and smelling the garlic again and again, but we don’t know the reason why they do it. Before that, we served many types of food in front of them, sometimes they like them and sometimes not.

Suppose, in our previous experiment we served lime peels to them to see that can rabbits eat lemon peel or not. At that time they didn’t eat lime peels, when peels were in front of them their movement wasn’t weird, they act normally like other days.

But today, we don’t know why they move frequently all over the cage and smelled garlic again and again. And the end of the experiment they left the whole garlic.

Here is the video where you can see how they act when we gave garlic in front of them. This video cleared it rabbits don’t love to eat garlic.


Skip the video if you don’t want to see that, you can take a look at this chart to see the summary of the live experiment of garlic and rabbits.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo & Dot Garlic (5 Grams) No 0% 100%


Is Garlic Safe For Pets?

Is Garlic Safe For Pets
Image – Garlic

Most of us love and care for our pets as we love our children. And that’s why we try to maintain a healthy and safe food chart for our pets, especially if they have sensitive digestive systems.

Sometimes, we try to feed different types of foods to our pets, because, like us, pets also love to taste different new foods. And that’s why you may think that you will give garlic to your pets.

Listen, don’t dare to do it, because garlic is not safe for pets, garlic is considered toxic for most pets. Also, the compounds that garlic contains can cause death for pets.

But garlic is safe for humans, and we eat garlic to increase food taste. Even sometimes garlic is used also as medicine in some cultures. Although garlic is safe and contains health-beneficial compounds for humans, they are not safe for pets.

So it’s better for you don’t give garlic to your pets, otherwise, your pets can suffer from many serious health injuries and problems. Pets love to eat frozen food. You can try any kinds of safe frozen food like frozen mangoes.


What To Do If Rabbit Eats Garlic?

First of all, rabbits don’t eat garlic, because by smelling they can understand that garlic is not safe for them. And somehow if they eat, then what to do with them, and how you will treat them?

Monitor Them For A While

Unfortunately, if your rabbits eat garlic then first try to understand the amount. If they are too much then instantly take them to the nearest animal examination. Or if they ate a little amount then try to monitor them for a while.

Monitor their movements and any signs of distress like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, or unusual behavior. If you see one of them then instantly contact a local veterinarian.

Call A Veterinarian

If you find out any unusual symptoms then call a local veterinarian or a local veterinarian clinic, and inform them how much garlic your rabbits ate and how they doing.

Maybe they will tell you what you should do at that time, and maybe they will tell you what to do as primary treatment. So listen to their words carefully and try to treat your rabbits how they say.

Follow The Veterinarian’s Advice

If the condition is serious then they might tell you to bring your rabbits to the clinic or animal examination and then do it as soon as possible. Don’t delay even if you have another important task, because pets are like our children.

Provide Support Care

After the treatment from the examination, you might need to take care of your rabbits at home also. Take proper care of your rabbits as the veterinarian says. Also, always keep an eye for 2 to 3 days to your rabbits, and monitor them.


The Toxicity Of Garlic For Rabbits

Garlic, for humans these are medicine, is healthy, and increases foods taste. On the other hand, for rabbits, garlic is considered toxic food.

Yes, not only garlic, there are lots of common foods available near our hand which are safe for humans but not for rabbits, because rabbits do have a sensitive digestive system.

But on the other hand, some foods are very common and edible for both humans and rabbits, like potatoes, red potatoes, and others. By the way, as well as potatoes, rabbits can also eat red potatoes, check out the experiment that we have done some days ago.

Anyway, for rabbits can be so toxic that, sometimes garlic can cause rabbits death. On the other hand, garlic can damages red blood cells. Moreover, garlic can affect rabbits’ digestive organs. These serious problems can happen if your rabbits eat a large quantity of garlic.

Except these, if your rabbits eat a little amount of garlic then they may feel weakness, lethargy, pale gums, vomiting, and diarrhea. Because that’s why garlic should be avoided in a rabbit’s diet.

So if you are still thinking will rabbits eat garlic if you give then please don’t do it. If you have other more question like this then ask below in the comment box. We will answer all of your rabbit’s related questions.

We are sharing many rabbit-related experiments continuously, so if you own rabbits then you can stay connected with us to get any updates from us. Also, subscribe to our blogs, it’s free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can rabbits eat wild garlic?

A: Weather it is garlic or wild garlic named (allium ursinum, or ramsons), all are unsafe for rabbits. Garlic can cause many health problems for rabbits, so we recommend that don’t give a single piece of garlic, garlic skins, or garlic plant to your rabbits.

Q: Is wild garlic poisonous to rabbits?

A: The poison of wild garlic to rabbits hasn’t been extensively studied. But since wild garlic is as same as normal garlic, so wild garlic is also considered unsafe for rabbits. And it’s generally recommended to avoid feeding wild garlic to rabbits.

Q: Do rabbits hate the garlic smell?

A: Maybe, because when we served only 2 cloves of garlic inside of our rabbits’ cage, we notice some unusual movements, that we mentioned before. We saw, them just moving for the whole time inside the cage and smelling more and more.

Maybe they hate the garlic smell or maybe not, but we really notice some unusual movements that we observed in our today’s experiment.

Q: How much garlic is toxic to animals?

A: Garlic can be so toxic for some animals, even a small amount of garlic can be very harmful for rabbits. So never give any garlic to your pets and other animals.

Q: Is garlic bad for rabbits?

A: Garlic is considered a harmful and unsafe food for rabbits because garlic can cause serious health problems for rabbits. The toxicity of garlic even causes death for some rabbits.

Q: Do bunnies like garlic?

A: No bunnies don’t like to eat garlic, because garlic is considered so toxic to rabbits. Even garlic is not safe for adult rabbits, so bunnies, it’s totally unsafe and toxic food. The toxic compounds that garlic contains can cause a rabbit’s death.

Q: Does garlic keep rabbits away?

A: There is a common belief that strong-smelling works as a natural deterrent for rabbits, and that’s why someone uses garlic to keep wild rabbits away from gardens. Although it’s not proven do garlic actually works or not against wild rabbits, you can do it if you want.


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