Can Rabbits Eat Onion Skin? – Here’s the True

Onion skins are the outer thin layer that covers the edible part of the onion. Generally, onions skins are typically dry, translucent, and look yellowish and brownish.

Onion skins contain flavonoids and antioxidants, which are considered anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. On the other hand, onion skins also contain thiosulphate, which is considered toxic and harmful to rabbits.

So, are onion skins safe for rabbits and can rabbits eat onion skins? No, onion skins are not safe for rabbits and rabbit, but they often eat onion skins.

Yes, although onion skins are harmful and unsafe for rabbits, we noticed that rabbits eat onion skins. Today in the morning we gave a little amount of onion skins to our rabbits Cleo and Dot to see if they actually eat onion skins or not.

By considering the health and harmfulness of onion skins we gave a little amount of onion skins which was less than 2 grams. But surprisingly our rabbits ate the whole onion skins and left nothing on the plate.

Today, in this article we will tell you the details about rabbits and onion skins. From here you can know how harmful onion skins are for rabbits. And how our rabbit’s activities were while eating. So without wasting more time, let’s jump to the experiment results.


Harmful Compounds In Onion Skins For Rabbits

Onion skins are considered harmful and toxic foods for rabbits. But why onion skins are harmful and toxic to rabbits? Because onion skins contain thiosulphates which can cause hemolytic anemia in rabbits.

Moreover, hemolytic is a symptom where the red blood cells can destroy, which can cause serious health problems and even death. The same symptom can happen, if your rabbits eat garlic. By the way, can rabbits eat garlic, our previous experiment was about that, check it now.

Also, onion skins can affect on rabbit’s digestive system. As well as affecting on digestive system onion skins can also cause rabbit weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, and pale gums.

So, it’s clear to us that eating onion skins is not safe for rabbits and rabbits, even eating a higher amount of onion skins can cause rabbits death.


How We Gave Onion Skins To Our Rabbits?

First of all, we took an onion that was reddish and fresh. Then we wash the onion to clean and remove dust and other harmful compounds from it.

Then take a knife and peel off the onion carefully. The amount of onion skins looks much but since onion skins are lightweight so it was less than 2 grams.

We knew the harmfulness of onion skins, that is why we took only this little amount. Because too many onion skins are not only harmful but also cause death or serious health problems for rabbits.

We were there for the whole time while they ate onion skins, and monitor every single second. We monitor them to avoid serious issues or something bad that happens during eating.


Can Rabbits Like To Eat Onion Skin?

Our experiment says that rabbits like to eat onion skins. Yes, today in the morning time we peel off a medium-sized onion and then served the skins in front of rabbits to see what they do.

And then we see a surprising fact, we saw our rabbits ate all the onion skin within 30 seconds, even though we didn’t expect this.

We thought rabbits might not eat onion skins since onion skins consider toxic to rabbits. But our rabbits proved our thought was wrong, they ate the whole skins within 30 seconds. Although the quantity of onions skins was quite low.

Another surprising fact we noticed and that is their eating speed. Yes, while we served onion skins in front of our rabbits they start to eat instantly. It looks like onion skins are they are quite familiar with onion skins.

But the truth is that was the first time we served onion skins to our rabbits. They didn’t waste their time by smelling and understanding the taste, they start to eat instantly.

Moreover, there may be another reason why they ate so fast, and that is during the morning they are so hungry. Hunger may be a reason why our rabbits ate onion skins like that. One thing is clear, if you served more onion skins at that time they may eat more and more.

During the whole eating time, we stood beside them to monitor their movement and avoid any accidents. Nothing happed badly, everything runs well, and after that, we served their regular food to them.

This is the live experiment that we captured with our camera, you can see how our rabbit’s behavior was and how to eat onion skins.


Skip the video if you don’t have much time to watch, here is the summary of the experiment. If you are in a hurry then take a look here.

Rabbits Names Food Items & Weight Eat Or Not (Yes Or No) Percentage Of Eating Percentage Of Residual
Cleo & Dot Onion Skins (Less Than 2 Grams) Yes 100% 0%


So this summary makes everything clear to us. By the way, in our next experiment, we will taste whether can rabbits eat red onions or not, so stay connected with us to see the experiment.


Is It Safe For Rabbits To Eat Onion Skin?

It’s clear that rabbits eat onion skins and today our rabbits also proved that. But are onion skins or peels safe for rabbits? The answer is no, and we told you it multiple times.

Onion Skins
Image – Onion Skins

There are many reasons why rabbits should eat onion skins. Onion skins can destroy red blood and damage rabbits’ digestive systems. And digestive system is directly connected with health.

So if your rabbits eat onion skins then they can suffer from serious health problems. Also, if your rabbits eat onion skins they can feel weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, and pale gums.

That’s why we never recommend you give onion skins to rabbits, because without onion skins there are thousands of safe foods like hays, grasses, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, which are safe for rabbits.


Potential Risks Of Feeding Onion Skins To Rabbit

We have already mentioned the risk of feeding onion skins to rabbits. Here we are saying these risks briefly, you can note them if you want.

But one thing you should remember, the risk of feeding onion skins depends on the quantity. Yes, how harmful onion skins will be for your rabbits depends on how much they will eat.

Suppose, today our rabbits Cleo and Dot ate less than 2 grams of onion skins, which is 1 gram on average. And after eating, their behavior was normal, and they were active as at other times.

So eating this little amount of onion skins is not risky for rabbits. But if your rabbits eat too many onion skins at a time then something very bad can happen to your rabbits.

Although we have already told you several of the potential risks which can happen if your rabbits eat onion skins.

Here we are briefing again, so take a look here to see the potential risks of feeding onion skins to rabbits.

  1. Onion skins can harm rabbit’s digestive system
  2. Onion shins contain a harmful compound that can destroy red blood cells
  3. Feeding a little number of onions can make your rabbits weak
  4. Your rabbits can feel breathing difficulty if they eat onion skins
  5. Also, feeding onion skins can cause lethargy, loss of appetite, and pale gums


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can rabbits safely consume onion skin?

A: No, onion skins are not safe foods for rabbits, and basically rabbit’s digestive system can consume fibrous foods like hays and grasses.

On the other hand, onion skins are considered toxic to rabbits, so if you want to keep your rabbits and bunnies safe and risk-free then avoid onion skins from their diet.

Q: What are the risks of feeding onion skin to rabbits?

A: Feeding onion skins to rabbits are not recommended, and if they eat they can suffer from a serious health problem. Even higher amounts of onion skins cause rabbit’s death.

Onion skins contain thiosulphates which can cause hemolytic. And if this symptom happens to rabbits, their red blood cells can damage.

Also, eating a little amount of onion skins can make your rabbit weak. Even you can notice lethargy, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, and pale gums if your rabbits eat onion skins.

Q: Can rabbits digest onion skin properly?

A: No, rabbit’s digestive systems are sensitive, and they can consume fibrous foods like hays, grasses, and some individual vegetables. But, onion skins, garlic, and other food like that are not safe for them and their digestive systems.

Q: Are there any health benefits for rabbits in eating onion skin?

A: The compounds that onion skins contain consider anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties for humans. But for rabbits onion skins are totally harmful and unsafe. Keep your rabbits away from onion skins if you want to see them safe.

Q: Will feeding onion skin to rabbits cause digestive problems?

A: Yes, onion skins can cause digestive problems in rabbits. Not only digestive problems onion skins can cause other serious health problems in rabbits including weakness, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, and pale gums.

Q: Should I include onion skin in my rabbit’s diet?

A: Never, don’t dare to do it, there are thousands of rabbits safe foods are available near our hands. So why you will give this harmful and unsafe food to your rabbits? Never include these toxic onion skins in your rabbits’ diet.

Q: What alternative vegetables or greens can I offer my rabbit instead of onion skin?

A: We can show you thousands of safer foods for rabbits. Instead of onion skins, you can give leafy greens, hays, grasses, pellets, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and other similar foods like them.

By the way, you can take a look at our rabbit’s safe food chart, where we included hundreds of safe foods for rabbits.

Now it’s clear to you can rabbits eat onion peels or not. If you have more questions like that then feel free to ask us in the comment box. We will answer all of your questions, even if you ask any food-related questions we will show you the live experiment.

So, subscribe to our blog and stay connected with us to never miss any updates from us. Till then take care of yourself and your rabbits.


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